Allahumma solli 'ala Muhammad wa'ala ali Muhammad.

Allahumma solli 'ala Muhammad wa'ala ali Muhammad.
Allahumma solli 'ala Muhammad wa'ala ali Muhammad.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Garden of Knowledge & Virtue.

Alhamdulillah. All praises to Allah, The Sustainer and The Lord of The Universe.

It had been a hectic week since I'd been officially enrolled as a student of IIUM. MasyaAllah, I can't describe the feeling of being a part of this honorable university. Alhamdulillah, everything was going just fine. Can't thank Him enough for every things He simplify for me.

Triple ICE - IIICE - Visions of IIUM.

I - Internationalization
I - Islamization
I - Integration
C- Comprehensive
E - Excellence

Honestly, before I stepped foot on IIUM ground, I have no idea about the internationalization the university trying to carry as one of their vision. It does really feel like I'm studying in the oversea.

The best and the difference about the foreigner students here is they are mostly muslim and we can freely spread Salam among ourselves. The typical perception of "mat salleh = non-muslim" no more is applied. There's so much variation of cultures and it's something I enjoy. Not to mention the Islamization occurence, the brotherhood here, masyaAllah I'm speechless.

Of course for them to be studying in Malaysia, they must be smart enough. Therefore, the competition is rather high. IIUM is genius enough to bring an interracial competition among students, in fact it's a pure force of motivation to achieve excellence.

Here, I get to know many friends of various background, who are special in their own way. Some of them are exceptionally different from the others. Besides, I have chance of getting to know great naqib/murabbi and those who are in a same fikrah.

There's always something worth sharing :

1. An ustaz taught us a great doa : Ya Allah, guide me to the people who will guide me to You. Take me to the people who will take me to You.
 2. Be sensitive of the hidden, the ghaib, the unseen. Iman is to believe what you don't see and the reward is to see what you believe.
3. Make a habit to go for a difficult situation. Experience is a great teacher.

4. Don't be shy or intimidated to do something good/ibadah. It is between us and Allah when it comes to ibadah. Race, strive to be in the first right saff for an example. Fastabiqul khairat, ibadah racing.

5. A prof said something remarkable yet very true :

Don't aim for the grades and pointers, study for the passion of seeking knowledge. And the grades, pointers and success will come as a bonus.

6. People say "Smile and the world will smile at you." Yeah, smile and InsyaAllah He will widen your rizk, full of barakah.

7. Get used to be successful. Be aware of surrounding, no more of spoon-fed and comfort zone to live on.

Telling a lot of things in a session will have a risk of remembering none. InsyaAllah, may Allah continuously give guidance to us and always be among the mindful.

As the most brilliant men are those who always remember of death and prepare for it.